Database Management

Databases are the heart of all businesses. (They are so important some people even try to use spreadsheets to manage them). FoxPro  and Access   are two popular database management systems. FoxPro, in both the DOS and Visual versions, is one of the most comprehensive and fastest of the database management programs available.

We have developed FoxPro   based management systems to :
       Track Church fund raising (500,000 members),
       Track Federal Agency Funding and Budgets,
       Manage service station:
                Repair and inspection invoicing,
                Account billing
                Underground fuel tank monitoring,
       Manage Sales and inventory activity in
             Retail and Mail-Order businesses.
Owners and operators of
                          some of these businesses are visually impaired. (They use
                          the DOS version of FoxPro because DOS provides the
                          easiest access to speech generators.)

        Schedule and monitor staff activity in large complex sports
                          facilities, (for example, in one 400 person department
                          has 30,000 shift options per month allocated to 20,000 staff
                          -shift-requirements per month such that no one works overtime
                          - with a host of other operational requirements and union rules.
                          Shift tracking is real-time with fox integrated with the

Visual Foxpro (VFP)
       Map and Display the location of Engraved bricks on a sports facility concourse,
       Track accounts receivable (for 1 million to 2 million transactions per month.)
       Booking and Tracking Management system for shipments
                          of building supplies to Alaska

WEB and VFP DATA integrates the WEB with VFP tables
                          to provide a web sites for hotels, motels and real estate brokers.


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