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More than thirty-five years experience in software design, development, consulting, and project management training. Over 14 years of FoxPro experience (DOS, Windows, VFP). Currently responsible for software design, development and database design to meet client needs on complex projects. Responsible for hands-on project design and development working with non-computer-literate users.

EXPERIENCE - Developed and maintain a travel oriented site integrating HTML/ASP code and VisualFoxpro data tables using ODBC.

First Union Sports Complex Developed multiple systems over a four-year period in FoxPro (DOS 2.6, VFP 3, 5, 6) for seven departments between two buildings. Applications used on over 25 workstations. Projects included:

Staff Scheduling and utilization tracking for over 450 part time employees, evolved over a calendar 3 year period, involving up to two years of development effort. Interfaced with the Kronis time clock system.

Brick Walk Location The Sports complex sold 11,000 bricks to patrons with their name on the brick with no plan on how to help people locate the brick they that bought. Worked with the client to design a system involving scanned aerial views of the site, convert a GOLDMINE data file to FoxPro and build a system where people could locate their brick and receive visual direction on where it was located based on the aerial photographs.

Spenard Builders Supply The Transportation Booking System was completed in a calendar year in VFP7. The system tracks approximately 15,000 cargo containers (semi-truck size) with a dozen shipping lines. Real-time orders received from others get placed in containers as needed and faxed to shipping agents via VFP6 reporting tool and WinFaxPRO (Symantec) in a fully automated fashion. System supports seven users using multiple instances of individual forms. This system includes 153 program files, 113 forms and popup dialogs several reports and report faxing via OLE Automation. The entire system was developed remotely using PCAnywhere connectivity to the client located in Tacoma, WA.

System Conversion - The client is in the travel management industry and has a legacy Fox 2.6 (Dos) system with data bases of 1.5 to 2 million records that are part of one-to-many and many-to-one displays, update and reporting system. I converted the system from DOS to VFP6 with numerous innovations to their existing search procedures. All development and support has been done remotely.

Warner's Sonoco The Service Station management system involve financial processing, inventory control, vehicle repair invoicing, vehicle inspection tracking and staffing patterns for the station. In addition a storage tank monitoring and management add-on tracked order fueling, delivery logging and fuel sales. This was started in FoxPro DOS and some components have migrated to VFP.

Swarthmorean Newspaper - A local town newspaper has maintained its subscription management activity for fifteen years with a fox based system. The programs are used to support invoicing, marketing analysis and to generate mailing labels for the weekly publication/distribution. The system started in dBase II and has migrated through the DOS incarnations of Fox.

Berkshire Associates - Conversions and updates to a large Affirmative Action System (Visual Fox 6) requiring custom classes and converting cursors to a temporary tables structure for queries returning more than 16,000 records.

Lincoln Investments - Developed comprehensive flow diagrams of all operations for Lincoln Investments (Jenkintown, PA). Diagrams were developed in Visio and included all operations from receipt of application for mutual fund investment through investment processing and resolution including on-going scheduled investment activity. Flow diagrams where integrated with processing statistics and useful for resource provisioning decisions. Diagramming process and results were used as an integral part of a team building and organizational change processes.

Morris Enterprises. Built a FoxPro system for a visually impaired owner and operator of a mail-order business on Long Island to take orders, track orders, manage inventory (tracking, ordering, restocking inventory), track billing, invoicing, etc. This model was built in the beginning as a general point-of-sale system for a retail store and then adapted to accommodate speech output. This system has been operating for ten years. Variations of this system are in use by other visually impaired (totally blind) business owners.

U.S. Department of Energy Built a Budget Projection, Budget Expenditure, Grant Tracking, Correspondence and Document Tracking system. A regional Office used this multi-user system to track budgets, budget allocations, grants and grant related correspondences.

Other software, management and training services have been provided for mainframe and other platforms as required by the clients at the time.






Application Building


"Visual FoxPro" 3.0 7.0, Microsoft Corp.

"MS Access", 8.0 Microsoft Corp.


"FoxPro" 2.0 2.6, Microsoft Corp.

"Visual Basic", Version 3.0, 4.0. 5.0 - 16 and 32 bit. Microsoft Corp., Excel


"C", Microsoft Corp.


Other GUI Tools

"Visio", version 5.0

"Publisher 97", Microsoft Corp.


"WinFaxPRO", Symantec

"PowerPoint", Microsoft Corp.


"Front Page 98",2000, Microsoft Corp.

"Microsoft Office 97", Microsoft Corp.



"Internet Explorer" 3.0 5.0, NetScape 6

Operating Systems

"Windows" 3.0, 3.1, 3.11, Win95

"DOS" 3.3 - 6.22


"NT" 4.0, Windows 2000, ME,XP


Project Planning

"Turbo Project"


Software: Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0-7.0, FoxPro for DOS 2.0 2.6, Visual Basic 5.0, Microsoft Access 8.0, Microsoft 'C' 6.0, Excel.

Hardware IBM PC's and compatibles




Pet Projects

Integrate VisualFox with Multi-Media. Integrate dynamic queuing simulation with gaming to study resource flow requirements processing in real-time and simulated time providing a virtual management of data and organizational operations.

General Background

1972 to Present: Consulting in a broad range of program development and management services to private, public and government organizations. In all efforts there has been a substantial use contemporary concepts in team building, planning and control technology and builds on forty years experience in the use of computers in training, program development, project management and research.

o Developed numerous programs tracking systems. This includes but not limited to budget tracking and document tracking for the US Department of Energy (Philadelphia); Staff Scheduling/Tracking and Event planning for the First Union Sports complex in Philadelphia Transshipment scheduling and tracking for the largest home supplies company in Alaska. (Languages: FoxPro 2.6, VFP6)

o Over thirty contracts Federal Agencies on the use of microcomputers in Cost Benefit Analysis, Auditing and Investigation. Developed training materials and conducted courses on Management by Objectives and Project and Task Force Management including team building, Critical Path Analysis and project tracking for the Federal Office of Personnel Management. Courses were attended by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Washington, D.C., The Army Corp of Engineers, The US Army, and The Department of Interior.

o Conceived, organized and led the climb by disabled persons to the summit of Mt. Rainier, as the premier project for the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP) for the United States (1981) and provide two to three outdoor challenge outings per year with physically handicapped and visually impaired individuals.

o Conducted Behavior Modification Research on the effectiveness of Outdoor Challenge programs. A three year project involving fifteen Drug Abuse Treatment Centers. Project funded by the National Institutes of Health (1978-1981).

o Developed National Directories of Indian Contractors for the Department of Interior.

o White House Consultant (1972-73). Provided an organizational review of the White House Special Action Office For Drug Abuse Prevention. Conducted an evaluation of the nation's largest drug abuse treatment system for the Executive Office of The President, Washington, DC, changing the direction of drug abuse treatment from large federal centers to local treatment programs.


1968 to 1972: Wharton School, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, Instructor of Industry teaching courses in management, computer systems and production analysis.

1967 to 1969: GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY, Valley Forge, PA - Specialist, Cost Systems, Finance Department; Consultant to Corporate Manufacturing in factory design simulations.

1966 to 1967: NORTHERN ARIZONA UNIVERSITY, Assistant Professor of Management.

1965 to 1966: Seattle Development Laboratory (HONEYWELL), Seattle - Development Engineer. Provided a full range of supportive services in computer programming and statistical analysis.

1960 to 1965: THE BOEING COMPANY, Seattle - Associate Engineer, responsible for systems analysis group developing simulation models of large systems.

1957 to 1959: Technical mountain climber for exploration mining company in Alaska.


ABD..Ph.D. Course work and examinations completed in Business & Applied Economics, UNIVERSITY OF PA, 1973